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 Rules And Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules And Conduct   Rules And Conduct I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 1:15 am

Forum Rules of Conduct

These guidelines apply to the official Upper Cutt Inc. web site forums which you are now viewing. Please take a moment to read them over so you know the rules. Breaches of these rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Possible consequences range from the lock or deletion of posts or the loss of posting privileges via a ban.

1.) If your post is locked or deleted it was done for a reason. Do not make the same post again even if you do not agree with the reason for the lock/deletion. Any reposts will be locked or deleted. Continuing violations may result in banning. If you have a grievance the best way to express it would be a polite PM (private message) to the moderator locking and/or deleting your posts.

2.) Posts that are not related to Upper Cutt Inc. in any way may be locked or deleted without warning or explanation needed.

3.) Topics should have a clear description, and should be posted in the correct forum
4.) Be respectful of others. Personal attacks, harassment, and excessive use of harsh language are not allowed.

5.) Do not advertise for non-Combat Arms related internet sites. Do not post excessively large amounts of content or repetitive content (spam).

6.) Do not post on behalf of someone who has been banned from the forums.

7.) If you have been banned, do not create a new account. If you have questions about the loss of posting privileges, Your just out of luck.

8.) Profanity. Now lets talk about profanity, any pornography will be an instant ban, no porn, we arent perverts or anything like that. Now what i mean by no pornagraphy is, NO FUCKING PORN SITES, if i see any porn sites, the user will be banned, depending on how bad it is, Dakang will send the consequences, we will see how lucky you are. Added By BasicD

These forums are provided as a free service to players of Upper Cutt Inc. and they reflect the community as a whole. The content on these forums is moderated at will in order to help provide fun, useful, and on-topic discussions. The moderators and I of this forum reserve the right to change or remove anything written on these forums and the right to cease providing this forum service to anyone for any reason.

Thanks, and have fun! lol!
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Rules And Conduct
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