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 BasicD and RoboBratJR

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PostSubject: BasicD and RoboBratJR   BasicD and RoboBratJR I_icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 5:22 pm

Okay, you probably noticed that, we aren't even online, or very inactive. For at least 2 weeks probably. There is actually a reason for this.

My bro, Robo, can't access combat arms for some reason. The April 28th patch, my bro couldn't update his combat arms on his laptop. It would say "error" and he couldn't update, and then he couldn't play. Thats why robo hasn't been active.

Me, however. I got the update perfectly fine, however. It is near the month of exams and such. And other things, meaning i can't play much either. Since i am busy. So i won't be on much more.

Also, Vent, i noticed you guys got a new ip, and i have it. Just the password i couldn't have. I tried a few times last week, asking for the password. Couldn't get it. I had a few suggestions, but it didn't work. So, basically. Me and Robo won't be on for awhile, you can even say its like we quit, but not yet. After a few months or a while, we may get back on. Hoping that robo can get the update.

Now, its a clear rule that you must be active to be in the clan. I don't know if you kicked us yet, which... you guys probably have. Well, im not saying you shouldn't, cause you should. I may be inactive for a month to a few months. And i don't want to take up spots.

Having that said, im sorry for this. I should have did this earlier. But at least i said something about me leaving, instead of just sitting there or leaving without an explanation. Hope you guys can understand. Maybe when i come back or can play again. I can join the clan again, its a really good clan Razz

Or Maybe i can even get on again earlier than i thought.

Thanks and Goodbyes. Hopefully we'll see again. (I might check this once in a while, in case you guys reply or have something to say - that can important. But just once in a while.)

BasicD and RoboBratJR
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BasicD and RoboBratJR
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